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Unravel The True Value of Gaming IPs 

AI-native technology valuing Game IPs, innovating investment in gaming digital assets.

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Less Risk, Zero Friction, More AI

Acxyn’s solution offers a clear, transparent valuation of game IPs with advanced custom-trained forecasting models, surpassing traditional methods

Price Discovery…Now Down To A Finger Snap

Our low code environment ensures quick, reliable access to verified digital assets for tangible outcomes and smarter investments.

For Game Creators
Brand Building Starts Day One…With Your Data 

The story of a great IP begins with careful data storytelling. Acxyn gives creators AI support from day one."

For Investors
Credible Predictors Mean Better Predictions

Our historical gaming industry data, AI-honed, offers a robust predictor library for improved investment decisions.

For Institutions
Validated Algos, Transparent & Compliant

Proprietary AI/ML revenue predictor and IP valuation undergo rigorous validation for precise, reliable results.

Powered by 50+ Partners

Elevate Your Gaming to New Heights

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Partner Testimonial

"The gaming industry is still figuring out ways to truly understand and tap into the revenue potential of Web3 whilst retaining our core values of making games fun and entertaining - with Acxyn, there is now a real possibility we’ve figured this out."

Augustine Song
CPO, Quurk Studios

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