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Strategic Revenue Innovation For Game Creators

We’re making Web3 revenue, accessible, scalable and sustainable for game creators.

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The All-In-One Plug & Play Platform

Unleash the economic opportunities of Web3 for your game with us. Effortlessly mint powerful assets, onboard players simply and securely, and tap into enterprise grade revenue forecasts all while getting rewarded by us.

Level Up Your Game With Acxyn

Reduce development costs, increase speed to market and transform your intellectual property creations into tangible assets that drive business value.

Your strategic revenue toolkit

Transform your IP creations into powerful financial assets, with Acxyn state-of-the-art IP infrastructure and easy-to-use Unity SDK. Create composable assets, imbued them with ownership, composable rights and revenue generation mechanisms. Secured with institutional security powered by Tezos. 

Enterprise Data Analytics

Make better strategic decisions, with Acxyn revenue forecasts and IP valuations that combine on-chain, off-chain and Web2 sources to provide a 360 degree view of your economic performance.
Secure investments with transparent and auditable real time data.

Frictionless onboarding for your users

Integrate Acxyn wallet into your game and benefit from features such as gasless NFT minting and transaction fees on the Tezos blockchain.

We’re all about Web3 ownership

Increase revenue and gain ownership in our platform with our sustainable Acxyn token rewards. Use your tokens across DeFi or hold them for powerful benefits in our ecosystem.

Powered by 50+ Partners

Elevate Your Gaming to New Heights

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Partner Testimonial

"The gaming industry is still figuring out ways to truly understand and tap into the revenue potential of Web3 whilst retaining our core values of making games fun and entertaining - with Acxyn, there is now a real possibility we’ve figured this out."

Augustine Song
CPO, Quurk Studios

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