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Pioneering Web3 Gaming Monetization Excellence

Our journey is a relentless pursuit of innovation, propelling game developers into the Web3 era with the tools and insights they need to thrive in gaming economics.‍

Our Mission

Empowering Game Developers In The Web3 Age

At ACXYN, we are on a mission to positively impact the gaming development community. We are fueled by an innovation-driven mindset that centers around game economics and commercial opportunities.

We're not just here to support game developers; we're here to equip them with the seamless adoption of Web3 technology, offering valuable features to enhance their products and business value.

Our Vision

Crafting A Digital Revolution

Our vision is simple yet profound: to facilitate the shift of game economies and game IP into real-world assets. This paradigm shift enhances liquidity and commercial potential, opening new avenues for creators and stakeholders alike.

ACXYN is a testament to this journey, committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in technology and business.


Meet The Acxyn Team

Jason Loh

Chief Executive Officer

Jason’s entrant into crypto started many years ago when he became an early Ethereum miner. More recently and with quite commendable exception, Jason has spent the last 5 years of his career developing and implementing communication strategies for a variety of crypto projects, utilising his skills honed as a former professional poker player to great effect.

Jayden Lim

Chief Operating Officer

Jayden started mining ETH when it was as low as USD7 and was co-founder at Beeplus Technology – a pioneering retailer of ETH and BTC mining rigs in Malaysia. As a savvy investor in the crypto space; he has over the years, invested in multiple ICO projects and operated one of Malaysia’s first ETH OTC operations, developing a strong understanding of market dynamics.

Dave Tan

Chief Technology Officer

A tech-head with a profound understanding of how blockchain ecosystems can thrive with a symbiotic token economy. Spent the last 8 years in some of the top technology firms in the Fortune 50 list, Dave has strong fundamentals in Solidity, Rust, C#, Angular, .Net Core and more.

John Schneider

Chief Economist

A progressive thinker on Blockchain ecosystems, John is particularly adept at crafting forward-thinking strategies that enhance product and ecosystem development, forging new innovative pathways in the way companies use blockchain technologies to solve real-world problems and unlock additional revenue streams.

Leon Ng

Chief Financial Officer

Leon is a strong proponent and early adopter of decentralization technologies. In 2016, he co-founded Beeplus Technology and pioneered the first customized ETH mining rigs in Malaysia, developed industry-leading best practices for operations and maintenance of rigs and promoting and advocating for public adoption of blockchain technology.


Project Manager

Irfan, a Project Manager at Acxyn, brings a diverse skill set spanning Blockchain, Environmental Science, and People Development. With a proven track record in managing large-scale AI/ML projects and fostering strong client relationships, he has also contributed to sustainable solutions for underserved communities.

Marvin Das


Serial entrepreneur and loves all things tech. He has ventures in the areas of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and VR/AR technologies. He’s also co-founder of Quurk, a company that’s building a new open world for game-based learning in Web3. Further, he formerly served as Head of Content & Partnerships in Asia for Sensorium XR and Senso token.


Venture Partner

Choy brings to the gaming industry his 20+ years of experience in global markets. Choy enabled Metaps Pte Ltd's successful IPO (2015), before joining IGG (2018) as VP of Global Operations. He later co-founded Yeeha Games (2022) – providing a gaming ecosystem and marketplace for in-game assets.

Acxyn in Action

Events and Conference

Tokyo Game Show, 2023
Coinfest Bali, 2023
Tokyo Game Show, 2023
Mystartup Demo Day, 2023
Mystartup Demo Day, 2023
Kuala Lumpur. 2023
Coinfest Bali, 2023
BNB Innovation Roadshow, 2023

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